Community Music Tutor Training

Course Info

Suited For Musicians starting to work in community settings
Experienced musicians who are starting to work
in community music
Musicians who have been working in community settings for some time and who would like to develop their skills music
Accreditation Level 2/3 Credit

Course Description

This course offers the opportunity for trainees to explore in depth the principles of community music and the skills needed to deliver high quality, effective workshops with a range of participants.

The course covers both academic and practical principles of Community Music Practice.

What will I learn?

Topics covered include:

  • What is community music?
  • Developing an individual style
  • The role and responsibilities of a community music tutor
  • Effective teaching and barriers to learning
  • Working with groups
  • Workshop planning, including co-leading
  • Choosing and creating suitable workshop materials
  • One to one and group teaching skills
  • Dealing with tricky situations
  • Equalities in practice
  • Effective Rehearsal and performance skills
  • Continuing to develop your skills
  • Practical exercises
  • Community placements
  • Individual and group work
  • Role play
  • Workshop practice
  • Written work (some of this to be completed at home)
  • Live performance project work

What will I gain? 

As well as gaining vital community music practical experience, you will have the opportunity to submit a portfolio of evidence to be awarded a level 2/3 credit, which can count towards further educational qualifications.

You can read further details on accreditation by visiting our Accreditation page.