Community Music for Folk Musicians

Course Info

Suited For Organisations working with
or training folk musicians
Experienced folk musicians who are considering working as tutors in community settings

Course Description

This course focuses on the skills needed to lead workshops in community settings.
It is specifically designed to suit folk musicians.

We have developed this course in partnership with TRAC Cymru who are Wales’ Folk Development organisation. Their role is to promote and develop the music and dance traditions of Wales.

What will I learn?

Topics covered include:

  • What helps people learn
  • Workshop planning
  • Choosing and creating suitable workshop materials
  • One to one and group teaching skills
  • Dealing with tricky situations
  • Working bilingually
  • Music traditions
  • Continuing to develop your skills
  • Working with multiple instruments


  • Practical exercises and games
  • One-to-one teaching practice
  • Small group and individual work
  • Presentations